Genuine Subaru Parts and Subaru Accessories


General Info

Who are you?
This site is operated by Carter Subaru Ballard - 5201 Leary Ave NW - Seattle, WA 98107 - 206-784-5696 (On-line discounts do not apply to phone orders).

Are all your parts OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)?
Yes, we are an Subaru dealership and we sell genuine Subaru parts and accessories.

Is your on-line discounts also available over the phone or at your Dealership?
Our discounts are for on-line purchases only. Our pricing for orders placed on the phone or at our Dealership are generally different than the pricing on-line. However, if you would like to call, our phone number is available.

Do you charge sales tax?
We only collect sales tax for Washington State residents.



Does the photograph show the exact item I'm ordering?
Many photos of items are generic. They are for general reference. Your actual item may look different than the picture in the catalog.

Do you always ship the same part number shown in your catalog?
The manufacturer may supersede the part number supplied without notice. The invoice sent with your order will show the newest part number being used.

Do you guarantee the prices in your